Fredericksburg, Virginia #worktravel

I spent most of June in Fredericksburg, Virginia for job training.  God Bless America!Apart from being away from J and Furry B, I was excited about visiting this part of the country for the first time.  Fredericksburg is rich in American history and the sightseeing opportunities were plentiful.  The town was established in 1728 and named after Frederick, the son of King George II.  The streets of Fredericksburg are also named after family members of King George…Caroline St., Sophia St., Princess Anne St., just to name a few.

Old Town Fredericksburg is a modern colonial town with shopping and restaurants while surrounded by some of America’s most historical landmarks.  Located in between Washington DC, the Union Capital, and Richmond, the Confederate Capital, it became infamous during the Civil War.

Enjoy your tour:

Old Town Fredericksburg….

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American History….

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