A Day in DC #worktravel

Patriotism, History, Self-Sacrifice, Freedom…just a few things that come to mind when I think about Our Nation’s Capital.  Thanks to my job, I had the opportunity to spend a few weeks in Virginia, and was able to take the Amtrak train to spend a Saturday in Washington, D.C.  Here is a glimpse of my day in our capital city….

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4 thoughts on “A Day in DC #worktravel

  1. That’s awesome Jimmy! Wish I could have seen what DC was like when you lived there. I did not get a chance to visit the zoo, but if I ever go back I will make a point to go there.

  2. Kristy, I am so happy you got to visit the city (you are a very brave girl), can you believe the city use to be my play ground when I was a kid, I wish I could describe to you what the city was like when I was a kid, I have been in every national landmark that existed back then and actually played ” Hide and go seek ” in the Smithsonian Museum, yes I really did, we use to get around the city via street car ( the old timely one ) we knew how to start our trip and get transfer tickets that took us on a loop of the entire city on one transfer, I knew the city so well I could have been a very good guide. You didn’t mention going to the national zoo, if you did not go,you really missed something special —————love you


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