Taylor Reservoir

38 miles west of Buena Vista, CO lies one of the best areas in the state for ATV trails.  After a 2 hour drive from home, we arrived in Buena Vista, took the Cottonwood Pass route west and at 12,126 ft we crossed the Continental Divide.  Once on the other side and near the reservoir, we met the rest of the family who had driven in from the Western Slope, unloaded the ATVs and moved into our cabin at Holt’s Guest Ranch.  The cabins are exactly what you need when out riding and fishing.  They are very simple with a couple beds, a bathroom, kitchen and, yes, electricity.

After unloading everything we took a quick 4wheeler ride through the old mining town of TinCup and up to Mirror Lake to do some fishing.  On our way up we saw a moose hanging out below the lake.  Unfortunately, we got soaked with rain on the way and the lighting didn’t cooperate once we arrived.  We turned around and headed back to camp.

The next day we got up, mapped out our route and headed up the trail.  The idea was to do some fishing at another high lake, but with all the riding possibilities, we got side tracked.  We rode 70+ miles on the Taylor Reservoir trails and saw some amazing Colorado back-country.

It was a short weekend, but it was great to spend time with our Meeker family and we found yet another place to go back and explore.

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Check out the video of one of the trails.  No ride is complete without a water crossing:

2 thoughts on “Taylor Reservoir

  1. This is the only way to realize you are living, it looked like you were having so much fun, this is why the family should be together and enjoy Gods gifts to us, the great unspoiled wilderness.

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