Hello Fall!

Fall has arrived and in the mountains the Aspen leaves are changing from summer green to vibrant yellow and golds.  The Aspen leaves are strikingly different from the East coast’s mixture of deep red, orange and gold colors; but they are just as beautiful.

We took a weekend drive toward Estes Park to catch a glimpse of the Aspen golds and enjoy a little shopping in Estes.

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5 thoughts on “Hello Fall!

  1. Mount Meeker, what’s with that?, I see alot of good trout water, did you take the killer with you, you know it’s not broke in good yet—–hee.hee., the pics were beautiful, I must have taken 50 pics trying to catch those trout jumping and you caught several of them, my reflexes must be slowing down———–Live forever you know what I mean.

    Love to both of you


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