Oh Meeker…The Perfect Place to Be!

Land of Peace and Perfect Scenery.

With Rolling Hills and Friendly Faces

This is One of My Favorite Places.

How I Wish I Could Stay With Thee,

But We Must Return to the Sea of Humanity.

We picked up a couple of traveling companions and began a road trip to Meeker to spend a few days with family in this Western paradise.  Meeker is well-known to hunters, but the area also offers wonderful scenery and outdoor adventures.

With the perfect hosts, we were greeted with a fish and elk fry the first night with friends, family and neighbors.  We ate until we could eat no more!  And thanks to Grandpa J, Furry B was even able to enjoy a few bites of elk. The next day was spent shopping, fishing, and then rounding up the crowd to head to the Elk Camp.

Elk Camp!

By hunter’s standards, the camp was almost luxurious; with electricity, satellite tv, and a commercial kitchen, this hunting cabin should be featured on HGTV.  We grilled up a few burgers and headed off to the mountains in search of elk.  Since it is the breeding season, we hoped to see lots of elk gather in the vallies in search of mates.  Up the mountain, we stopped for several photo ops and enjoyed the view of the rolling mountains.  We reached the ridge, and almost immediately could hear the elks’ bugles.  About the second valley we stopped at, we were able to spot at least a dozen elk gathering in the field below.  We stayed on the ridge until sunset, and then drove back down to camp.  After a few snacks, we cleaned up camp and headed back on the road.  On the way home, we saw multitudes of mule deer and then had a movie worthy moment when a huge elk appeared in the middle of the road!  Thankfully, our brakes were in good condition and we were able to stop before the truck became an elk slayer (or the elk becoming a truck destroyer).

Trappers Lake

Our last evening at Meeker was spent at Trappers Lake Lodge.  On the scenic drive to the lodge we passed the $55 million Seven Lakes Ranch owned by golfer Greg Norman and beautiful property owned by American businessman Henry Kravis.  As we neared the lake, we saw the devastation of the 2002 fire, which burned over 22,000 acres including the original lodge.  The lodge has been rebuilt, and includes a restaurant and small store.  We had made reservations for dinner and in true Meeker style, even brought lettuce and tomatoes for the kitchen (since the nearest town – Meeker – is 39 miles away).  The dictator restaurant, where they dictate what you eat, served Navajo Tacos on Indian Frybread with a choice of chicken or ground beef.  And they were delicious!!!!  After dinner, we took a stroll over to Trappers Lake, which is one of Colorado’s largest natural lakes.  It was late in the evening, but there were still a few fishermen and kayakers enjoying the calm waters.

The next morning it was sad to go, but we were glad for the good memories. Meeker is the perfect Colorado retreat!

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