Hippity Hop Easter Trot 5k

We visited Central Park (not New York) this morning for our first Spring run of the year….and even Furry B came along.  Central Park is located in North Denver in an area known as Stapleton.  The park is spacious – over 80 acres! – with spectacular views of the Rockies.  It is the 3rd largest park in Denver.  The park sits on the site of the old Stapleton International Airport. The control tower is still standing just west of the park. The community is still debating on how to make use of the tower and hope to have a plan by year end.  The Stapleton Airport was Denver’s primary airport from 1929 to February 27, 1995 when the last airplane departed. Click here to view a pictorial history of the Stapleton Airport.

It was perfect weather (as usual) for a race; and the Easter Bunny even competed in the Kid’s Fun Run race. Our 5k course was “flat and fast” which made for a fun morning run.  Furry B loves to run! (Three things at the park today that Furry B does not love include people in costumes, small children, and modes of transport with wheels aka tricycles, bikes, skateboards.)

Furry B is a competitor - He completed his first 5k!

4 thoughts on “Hippity Hop Easter Trot 5k

  1. My young Cuz, it looks like you are doing everything right and just having a wonderful time, so does Furry B.


  2. J, you need to work on the lilly whites, maybe it scares Furry B, of course I am like Furry B, I don’t like crowds, or costumes, or crying babies, I think our Church was full of the babies this morning…Joe

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