Chilly Cheeks and Chicken Kabob

Winter took the day off today; and allowed some early Spring weather and sunshine to visit so we could enjoy the Chilly Cheeks 4 mile run at Cherry Creek State Park.  The event at Cherry Creek was actually a duathlon consisting of a 10 mile bike ride and 4 mile run; with the option to compete only in the run.  We chose to participate in the Run Only event, along with 49 other runners.  The cyclists began the race first, with runners being in the last start wave.  As most run events are, this was a chip timed race; with the chip being strapped around your ankle.  It felt like I had escaped from house arrest, which may have provided me with some motivation to run.  This race was slightly different and more challenging than previous races, with only 1.5 miles being on pavement and the majority on snow-covered and muddy trails; Along with more hills and being about 1 mile longer than our other runs.


Around the half way point, I could hear another runner’s steps approaching from behind….And it was a cyclist who had already completed their 10 mile ride and was now passing up most of the runners!  And behind him were several other cyclists who were well on their way to the finish line.  They were courteous, as they rushed by my slow jog, with “Good Job” and pats on the back.  I did stop to walk a couple of times, but accomplished the 4m with a run to the Finish in just under 50 minutes.  Our finish line rewards included breakfast snacks, hot ramen noodles and plenty of hydration.

Chicken Kabob

We skipped the noodles, and headed to Chicken Kabob, a Persian restaurant just a few miles away.  After recently reading a review of Chicken Kabob in Denver’s 5280 magazine, we decided that we had to give it a try.  And it did not disappoint – J tried the Chicken Kabob and I went with the Chicken Koobideh – both with a delicious yogurt sauce and basmati rice.  We will definitely be back for another visit.

Click Here to read another review (from Denver Westword) about the restaurant and its owner.

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2 thoughts on “Chilly Cheeks and Chicken Kabob

  1. Looks like the weather has changed dramatically the way you are dressed, are there any fish at cherry creek———you know they do fish in the winter,hee.hee.


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