Polar Bear 5k

I’m not one to make New Year’s Resolutions…but I did decide to make a Goal for this year – To participate in a 5k each month of 2012.

Our New Year’s Eve race provided me with some much needed motivation that it was time to get in shape.  So here we go….Our first race of the year was the Polar Bear 5k held at Washington Park.  This was the same course that we ran on New Year’s Eve.  Even though we had hoped to run a new trail, this course is flat and great for beginners….and we were able to see how much our race times had improved since last month.  J “jogged” with me for about the first quarter mile and then he was off to race.  I held my steady pace the entire course and finished at 34:35 minutes – a full 5 minutes faster than my first 5k last month!

Check out the Race Results HERE.

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4 thoughts on “Polar Bear 5k

  1. Hey, there’s alot of exercise in fishing and you don’t wear out your tennis shoes either,you two look great and the smile on your face tells it all—–I’ll be waiting for the next JKB————————-Jimmy

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