Ski Day

Eldora Mountain Resort

Fresh Powder = Great Ski Day!

A day off work and lots of fresh snow in the mountains meant it is was time to ski.  So we woke up early, packed a lunch, and headed to the mountains.  This was our first time back to the slopes since my ski lesson a few weeks ago.  Fingers were crossed that I would remember at least a few of the techniques I had learned.  I’m not yet a pro…but I did have a few trick moves during the day, such as a complete 360 (accidental) turn when getting off the ski lift.  However, most of the day was a success and fun!

Take a peek and click here to view Eldora’s snow live on the Web Cam.

It started snowing around noon.

J spent the day getting reacquainted with snowboarding.

On the way home...

4 thoughts on “Ski Day

  1. I’m looking at the pic “on the way home” were you driving the land whatcha macallit, it looked like you could get a little bogged down, don’t they plow those resort roads or is that part of the fun—————ha.hee., man that snow looks refreshing, I know you had a great time, where did you eat the lunch you packed?

    • They were out taking care of the roads, just not in the picture. We packed our lunch and brought it into the lodge to eat. Quicker to pack your lunch, that way theres more time for the slopes.

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