Eldora Mountain Resort

We went skiing today!!  We wanted to get one day in on the opening weekend of our “home” mountain, Eldora Mountain Resort.    It is about 40 minutes from us and is an easy drive.  We bought a couple “3 packs” for the season to get K accustomed to her new favorite sport.  Today we both took lessons, as K has never really skied and since I have mostly snowboarded, I want to get back into skiing as well.  We got up this morning and it was a crisp 22 degrees and when we got up to the mountain, it was about the same.  We rented our gear and got brand new boots and fairly new skis, then we waited for our instructor to show up.  We had about 6 people in our group and we began with some of the basic fundamentals, then we moved into actually using our equipment.  After that, it was off to the bunny/kiddie slope.  Not all of the runs are open yet and the higher terrain is considered expert, so we only had the bunny slope and one other intermediate run available.  We spent the morning on the bunny slope then we broke for lunch.  K and I headed straight to the truck to shed some clothes as it heated up fast.  It was turning out to be a perfect day, blue skies and temps in the 40’s.  Eldora has a nice bar overlooking the slopes, which is where we grabbed a quick bite and a beer and then it was back to finish our lesson.  We took a few more runs on the bunny slope, (at this point, everyone’s ability level was different) and then it was on the lift and up the mountain.  K was doing very well and I think she was getting the hang of it.  We started down the slope and took turns heading towards the instructor as he took different positions on the run.  We made it to the bottom, took the bus back to the lodge and turned in our equipment.  We left and made it home before dark, so nice to have skiing so close!!  K is ready to go again, but we’ll see how sore she is tomorrow…  🙂

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