Yak and Yeti

We have passed this unique looking building many times and said we wanted to try it, well, we finally did last night. This is an Indian/Nepalese restaurant with the owner hailing from a small village in Nepal at the foot of the Himalayas.  Check out the website – http://www.yakandyeti.com/arvada – there is some cool history behind the building and it is supposed to be haunted… 

The first time I had Indian food was in another country, but it wasn’t India.  It was in Moscow, Russia and I loved it.  We also had a good place in Algeria we went to once or twice when we were not locked on compound.  I have to hand it to K, she has an open mind for trying new things.  She got the buffet and I had the Chicken Tikka Masala, which is one of my favs.  I think she tried everything on the buffet and the only thing she really liked was the chicken soup, ha.  As you know, Indian food is full of many different spices and can have a little heat to it.

They also brew their own beer on site, which turned out to be pretty good.  I had one of their India Pale Ales and an AbominAle, both were very good.  I know some of you are saying, “have you ever had a beer you didn’t like?”, well actually, I had one of their ChocoWheat beers, which I did not care for…  So, next time you come visit and your in the mood for something different, Yak and Yeti it is!!

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