Kenosha Pass Evening Snowshoe

South Park (episode 92)

South Park (episode 92)

We finally made it outdoors this winter! (After many Denver guided holiday tours with visiting family, J getting into a routine with his new academic career, my travel with work, and Furry B’s miscellaneous medical mishaps…)

kenosha pass

A Sunday evening group snowshoe was just what we needed to get back in our outdoor groove.  We met up at Kenosha Pass around 4pm, and headed up trail with our group of adults, kids, and dogs.  This trip was just for fun with an approximate 1.5 mile hike to a small clearing where we hoped to watch the Full Moon.  However, the evening skies had different plans as clouds drifted in.  So in the light of headlamps, we enjoyed our hot cocoa (other warm beverages) and cookies.  By dark our sugar rush had kicked in and provided plenty of energy to get us back to the trail head.

2 thoughts on “Kenosha Pass Evening Snowshoe

  1. I’ve been missing ya’ll and your exploits. I don’t miss the snow but love to look at your snow. Bandit looks happy. Hope he is well. Love ya !

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