Colorado Mountain Club 14er Challenge

The Colorado Mountain Club is celebrating it’s centennial anniversary this year (1912-2012) and Kristy and I took part in it by joining the 14er Challenge.  Climbing teams were attempting to ascend all fifty-four 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado on the same day.  Team ascent, descent times and progress on the mountains were monitored back at a makeshift climbing headquarters and the teams brought CMC signs and flags for the summit celebrations.  Kristy and I signed up to climb a moderately rated Grays Peak at 14,270 feet to join in the fun and be a part of CMC history.

Our group started at the Grays Peak trailhead around 8am with temps around 32 degrees.  With the help of the outstanding weather, we made pretty good time and a small ambitious team of 4 of us were able to peel off and tackle nearby Torreys Peak at 14,267 feet.  We were still able to meet the rest of the group, who stuck to the original route, up on Grays for lunch.  This made two 14’er summits in one day completing the Grays-Torreys combo!!

Generalized view of the route for the day. Where the arrow cuts right towards the saddle is where the 4 of us split off to summit Torreys. The other group continued up Grays at this same spot and then we met them for lunch on the Grays summit.

We had perfect temperatures, crystal clear skies and saw some of the best views of the front range all summer.  After pictures at the top were taken with the CMC sign, everyone finished up lunch and started the descent.  Big thanks to our trip leader, Lorna and the Colorado Mountain Club!!

Summit of Grays Peak with the CMC. A great day, with friendly people and amazing views.

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3 thoughts on “Colorado Mountain Club 14er Challenge

    • Yes…the 1.7mph was the average speed for Josh and the faster group. For the steep terrain, they were moving pretty quickly. The backpack is a small black dot in the center of the picture. Our trail leader said that it has been there for years…it probably fell from the top while some one was climbing or skiing.

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