Backpacking Rocky Mountain National Park

A friend from the Colorado Mountain Club and I planned a backpacking trip in Rocky Mountain National Park last weekend.  We took Friday off and stopped by the backcountry permit office inside the park and picked up our permit.  Permits are required for camping at backcountry sites, which are campsites with no facilities where you pack everything in and pack everything out.  We headed down to the Glacier Gorge area and headed up the trail.  My GPS didn’t want to cooperate, but we estimated that we covered about 14 miles over the weekend.  Not a marathon backpacking trip, but we saw some great scenery and it was good practice carrying our 60 pound packs to gear up for an even further trip next time.  The first night we camped under Longs Peak at the Boulder Brook site around 10,500 ft.  We could not have asked for better weather the entire weekend.  Temperatures were in the upper 30’s-40’s at night and 80’s during the day with crystal clear blue skies.  We did have a little wind in the evenings (ha, about 40 mph).  The second night we camped at the Old Forest Inn site near the Big Thompson River.  Here is some eye candy for you to enjoy:

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5 thoughts on “Backpacking Rocky Mountain National Park

  1. The scenery just takes your breath away. It’s quite something to see a daisy growing out of the side of a rocky cliff. You had some wind one day,huh ? Glad you had terrific weather while gone,hope all your gear worked as it should.

  2. Beautiful, did you take your fishing gear in you survival kit,I don’t understand how you can stand beside outstanding looking streams and not sink a panther martin—-tee.hee.

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