Hello Fall….or Winter???

This week has been a true Colorado weather experience.  Spring to Winter, this week has delivered all 4 seasons.  From 70s on Monday to Denver’s first snow storm of the season on Tuesday night, and with promises of 60 degree temps this weekend, who knows what season it is!

We made it through our first Colorado snow storm with ease.  Almost 8 inches of snow, but roads were clear so it was no problem traveling to and from work.  The wet, heavy snow left over 140,000 residents without power, but thankfully we weren’t included in that number.   A snow day at home would have been fun, but I’m afraid those will be few and far between with these fearless Coloradans!

Furry B Loves the Snow

2 thoughts on “Hello Fall….or Winter???

  1. I’ll bet the sporting goods store is selling out of ski wax about now, can’t wait to see pics of your skiing adventures-take it easy after all you are Uncle and Auntie now.

    Love you Two

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