Invasion of the Elk!!

We decided to escape some of the heat and head to Rocky Mountain National Park on Saturday.  We have explored the park many times and it is always different and never gets old.  We entered through Estes Park and decided to take a different route up Old Fall River Road.  This is not the main road and we figured we would get away from some of the crowd.  It is an 11 mile dirt road to the top and it did not disappoint, with lots of wild flowers, animals and beautiful scenery.  We crossed the continental divide and headed down to the Timber Creek Campground on the Colorado River.  Luckily we found a spot, as this is peak camping season in the park.  We set up camp and relaxed and just hung around.  We have a new camp stove on order, so we decided not to cook a whole lot.  We did bring some freeze-dried camping beef stew, which was really good, but not so great a few hours later…  K enjoyed a few wine spritzers and I did NOT forget the beer.  After dinner, we were inundated with a herd of grazing elk.  We were in their territory, so they just strolled right through our camp like they owned the place.  The temperature dropped drastically to a chilly 40 degrees by morning.  We got up, had some coffee and eggs and hit the river for some fishing.  I was able to snag a few trout from the Colorado River, but nothing to brag about 🙂  We did come across two grazing moose, which really excited Furry B.  It is always great to get away to the mountains and we look forward to the next trip.

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