Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

In our efforts to support small businesses, we visited Colorado’s first Micro-distillery.

We went to Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey distillery in Denver.  It was a great tour with friendly people and of course, GREAT whiskey!!  It was really interesting to see a small time distillery compared to the likes of Jack Daniel’s in Tennessee and Maker’s Mark in Kentucky.  Stranahan’s is definitely one-of-a-kind with it’s “Rocky Mountain Straight Whiskey”.  All of their ingredients come from the Rocky Mountain Region, with the most important ingredient being Rocky Mountain Spring Water.  After the tour was over, we were able to go to the bar and sample some Stranahan’s Whiskey.  Everyone received one shot, (I got two shots because K’s favorite, is not whiskey 😉 which we sipped and discussed the different flavors that come from the distilling process, from the caramel and vanilla to the subtle oak flavors this whiskey gets from the aging process in oak barrels.

Stranahan’s shares it’s location with the “Rackhouse Pub” so after the tour, we had dinner.  They had good food with a nice atmosphere.  J had the buffalo burger and 5 cheese mac and K had the prime rib sandwich and fries, mmmmmm.