Slaughterhouse Gulch

Hi 82°F
Lo 46°F

It was a great day for a ride in the woods!!

We went to Slaughterhouse Gulch with a fellow Land Cruiser buddy and rode the 11.5 mile loop.  It was a fun trail, with a few obstacles and great scenery.  Even Furry B had a good time and made a new friend.  After the 4×4 trail, we went and explored the Tarryall Creek wildlife area on the way to the Hayman Burn area.  Tarryall Creek was a beautiful valley with a meandering river and lots of old ranch structures/cabins.  The Hayman Burn area was a wildfire that started in June 2002.  It was the largest wildfire in Colorado history.  The area is still recovering and it almost looks like another planet.  Even 9 years later, the ground and trees are still charred and the landscape is much different than the rest of the state.

Here is a page about restoration efforts:

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