Buffalo Bill


Buffalo Bill is best known for his Wild West Show, which introduced The West and The Cowboy to the entire world.  The show toured the U.S. and Europe!  Even Queen Victoria saw his Wild West Show in 1887.

The Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave is located in Golden, on top of Lookout Mountain.  The museum celebrates the life and times of Buffalo Bill.  He was buried on Lookout Mountain in 1917 with over 15,000 people in attendance.

We visited Buffalo Bill the day of the Commemoration of the 94th Anniversary of his Burial.  There was a re-creation of the graveside service, Wild West characters and Civil War era music.

Buffalo Bill, K & Furry B

AMAZING view from Lookout Mountain — Golden, Colorado is home to Coors and Colorado School of Mines

Lookout Mountain is appreciated by all outdoor enthusiasts….Bicyclists…


and…Exotic Car Owners (he revved his engine for us when he saw me taking a pic).

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