Molly Brown House Museum

Molly Brown House & MuseumWe love the mountains, but we also love Denver and all of the history and western cultural it has to offer.  Denver’s Pennsylvania Street is filled with historical significance and beautiful residential architecture that will never again be duplicated.  One of the more infamous homes on this street was once owned by the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown.  Of course, we all know her from the Titanic tragedy, but she lived quite the storied life after the sinking.

After making millions from the silver mines in Leadville, Colorado, Margaret “Molly” Brown and her husband took residence in their Denver home in 1894 and lived there for many years.  The 1889 stone exterior of the home was designed by a well known architect and its three story interior had many modern conveniences such as indoor plumbing, which was unheard of at the time. The home at 1340 Pennsylvania Street is now open to public and we were lucky enough to take a guided tour of this grand home and hear the details about the life of Molly Brown.

From a young age, Molly was a strong and independent woman.  She and her brother left the family home of Hannibal, Missouri with dreams of living in the west.  She found herself in Leadville, Colorado and soon met and married mining engineer J.J. Brown.  Once the couple moved to Denver, Molly quickly involved herself in social reform and philanthropy.  New found wealth also allowed Molly and J.J. to fall in love with world travel.  Molly became internationally known after surviving the sinking of the Titanic and helping other survivors who lost their families and possessions.  This led to her interest and involvement in politics and the suffrage movement.  Molly was “free, liberated, and self-sufficient.”

“I go anywhere that I am needed.” ~Margaret Brown

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The Molly Brown House Museum provides a glimpse of Molly’s “unsinkable” spirit and life in Denver over 100 years ago.  Support Historic Denver and plan your visit to 1340 Pennsylvania Street.

Thanks to the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD), you can visit Molly Brown House for FREE on selected days throughout the year.  Visit the SFCD website for more info.

**2014 SCFD Free Days For All Visitors: November 11 & December 3**