Steamboat Springs

“Well, when I was your age, I walked 4 miles…uphill…in the snow, just to get an elk loin steak….”

As most people do, the majority of our Christmas was spent eating…a lot of eating.  So, it was time to head out to Steamboat Springs and burn off a few of those festive calories.  Steamboat is a hip western ski town that has plenty of entertainment for the entire family.  Skiing, shopping, and relaxing in the hot springs are just a few activities that the town has to offer.

Just outside of Steamboat, there are lots of cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling trails.  Snow levels in many parts of Colorado are currently about 30% lower than normal.  However, the Steamboat area has more snow than many of the neighboring ski towns, so it was a good choice for our day of snowshoeing.  We decided to spend our afternoon at the dog friendly trail, Fox Curve Loop.  It is just a few short miles from town on Rabbit Ears Pass/Buffalo Creek.  Fox Curve Loop is a 4 mile trail that provides some variable terrain…downhill, through the meadow, over the creek, up the mountain and through the woods.  There is no shortage of beautiful snowy scenery.  It was a fun and exhilarating hike, but at the finish line Furry B was ready to warm up from the breezy 28F temps.

At the hotel, the clerk was kind enough to provide a recommendation for dinner….Ore House at the Pine Grove.  We were the first diners in the door and ready to eat.  The Ore House is located in a 100 year old barn that was renovated in the 1970s and is full of western pictures and artifacts.  It is the oldest restaurant in town…and I’m guessing one of the busiest too.  In true western fashion, J ordered the peppercorn Elk Loin and I chose the Steak Bits.  All entrees include the salad bar, bread and cinnamon rolls (yes, cinnamon rolls!), and choice of potato – their specialty is the House Potato, which is shredded red potato rolled into a ball and fried, and then covered in a warm cheese sauce.  Trust me, order it!  This was one of the best dining experiences since arriving in Colorado.  The dinner was delicious…fresh salad, tender and flavorful steak, and the sides were divine.

However, the true test of restaurant greatness is of course dessert. At many restaurants desserts often look great, but the taste rarely lives up to their gourmet look.  So here it goes…Brownie Fudge Sundae please.  And then it arrives at the table…an extra large warm brownie (corner piece) covered in fudge sauce with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream garnishing this delicious ensemble.  Heaven on a plate and angels dancing on my tongue!

If you are ever in Steamboat Springs, Ore House at the Pine Grove is a must eat!!

Before saying our goodbyes to Steamboat, we drove downtown to visit F.M. Light & Sons clothing store.  Walking into the store, one takes a step back in time.  This historic store opened in 1905 and still uses many of the same display cases from when it originally opened.  Western clothing, boots, and Stetson hats fill the store.  Take a few minutes and read the fascinating story of this store’s humble beginnings: History of F.M. Light & Sons.

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